Amy Kendig

Postdoctoral Researcher

University of Florida

I'm an ecologist and postdoctoral researcher at the University of Florida. My research aims to understand how species interactions shape ecological communities with the ultimate goal of increasing appreciation and protection of biodiversity. I use experiments, data synthesis, and mathematical modeling to study plant and pathogen communities.


  • Community ecology
  • Disease ecology
  • Invasion biology
  • R
  • Reproducible research


  • PhD in Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior, 2017

    University of Minnesota

  • BSc in Biology, 2011

    Georgia Institute of Technology



Aquatic invasive plant management

Combining citizen science and government data to evaluate the effects of aquatic invasive plant management.

Disease-mediated plant coexistence

Evaluating the effect of an emerging foliar fungal disease on an invasive species co-occurring native species.

Invasion, life history, and pathogen communities

Density-mediated changes in pathogen communities and disease burdens in an invaded grassland.

Among-pathogen interactions

Soil nutrients affect among-pathogen interactions during coinfection and transmission.

Resource-dependent viral dynamics

Host resources can mediate viral replication and virulence experienced by the host.

Pathogen communities in grasslands

The effects of nutrient addition, coinfection, and vectors on pathogen communities in grasslands.